Claire then retired from competition and began working on her life long dream of running a horse riding/animal therapy centre for people with a disability, disadvantage, the mentally ill and anyone else requiring a place where horses and animals can make a positive difference in their life.

CPec has now been officially open for 12 months. They have been given the use of the facilities at Pine Lodge Equestrian Park including the Olympic size, indoor dressage arena and a place for the horses and other animals to live, a place for all the gear and an office to run the much needed service.

“I always new that this centre would make a wonderful change in the lives of our clients, it gives them something to look forward to, builds confidence in themselves to become more independent and helps them smile when times are tough, but I didn’t realize that we would also have a positive impact on our volunteers as well. There are just so many beautiful and inspiring stories to tell.” Claire Byrne says.

CPec is not funded by the government and Claire covers the cost of all animal care on her blind pension. She says that life is a financial struggle for both her husband and herself but when you see the smiles and hear the stories of wonderful change for the clients and volunteers, it is all worth while.

For more information please click this link Facebook or call Claire on 0437 047 465.

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