Brumby Rescue inc is a not-for-profit, registered charity with DGR Endorsement. Their mission is to rescue the brumbies from our National Parks that are headed for slaughter and to stop aerial culling. 

"Hoofs2010, while saving brumbies headed for slaughter, are also working toward providing plans to government for environmentally sound, cost effective and humane solutions to the limiting of brumby numbers in the wild and most importantly their removal from the Feral Animal Register. We are also working toward building a working station where visitors can come spend time with the brumbies we have rescued and worked with and eventually be able to be hands on with the brumbies in residence so visitors can experience the satisfaction of helping to protect the horses that helped to build our country. We are currently working on compiling factual studies on the exact numbers in the areas we are dealing with along with the actual environmental effect of the brumbies in these areas."

For anyone interested in assisting with rescues or adopting one of the rescued Brumbies then please contact:

03 5885 2997 or 0401 527 991
or email

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