Equinox – a State of Balance

He finds that it eases his back pain. She is moving well again despite arthritis. What is the treatment? It’s acupuncture. And the patients are horses.

Acupuncture is helping horses in south-east Queensland through business ‘Equinox – a State of Balance’. Research is showing the benefits of acupuncture for people and animals. For people, acupuncture is used in 90% of pain clinics in the UK and 70% in Germany. Findings of studies on horses include 87% with chronic back pain resuming work, and 96% with acute lameness improving.

If a horse has musculoskeletal pain, they often show changes in behaviour and movement.  An acupuncturist can identify areas of pain by palpating the horse. Acupuncture has been proven to release endorphins and other natural chemicals that assist the body to heal.  It can also increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation.

As well as relieving pain, acupuncture is used to prevent injury. Minor strains can result in the horse changing the way it moves, making it susceptible to serious injury. Acupuncture can help keep horses at their best by keeping muscles supple and tendons and joints flexible.

A pain-free horse that is moving well allows the rider to enjoy riding without worrying about their horse’s comfort.

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