Karalee Park, located in Yandina on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Qld, is a fresh new name to the Thoroughbred Racing Industry specialising in spelling agistment and pretraining.

Karalee Park was established as a Performance Equine Pre-training and agistment farm and is situated in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. The land is well known for its capabilities for growth of both animals and pastures having some of the most fertile soils in the region and reliable rainfall coupled with a warmer climate.  

All of the paddocks are fenced with equine fencing catering for foals, broodmares, performance horses and racehorses. All paddocks have shelters and ample room to ensure a relaxed and comfortable stay.

The farm is located approx. 25 min north of Caloundra’s “Corbould Park” Racecourse on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

The facilities include three stable complexes consisting of 33 boxes, 15 day yards, 15 small paddocks and 25 large spelling paddocks, sand roll, 10 horse dry walker and one of the very first Aqua Walkers to be installed in Queensland.

Phone 0417 771 781 or email karaleepark@outlook.com

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