"I am so in awe of something that happened a little while back.

This is 'Mack', my station-bred stockhorse/quarter horse. He was rescued after being abandoned on a property in NSW. He's now 16.

Now this is a bit of an interesting one. Recently when asked to ‘animal sit’ for mates I was left a feeding programme. It’s a long time since I had horses and I’ve never had a donkey but I have had ponies that were in danger of foundering but it was never this complicated and I’m doubting the species has evolved to need so much nutrition for doing nothing in a paddock. Here we go.

Horses have served humankind for 14,000 years, but a program in north-east Victoria is taking the relationship to a whole new dimension. Called ‘Horses for Hope’, it works through learning and therapy to help both damaged people and horses recover from past trauma by putting them together.

On the drive to Victoria to visit the Victorian agents Greg Young and his wife Michelle visited the real estate agents at Bowral in the central highlands of New South Wales.

Located 90 Kilometres east of Melbourne the Yarra Valley is well known for its fabulous wines but there is more to this stunning destination. 

It is great to walk into a real estate office to introduce and the lady behind the desk immediately says "I know that site and it's great". That's what happened to Greg Young when he visited the Professionals office in Yarra Junction and met Mia McKay. It's nice to have a fan!

While visiting some agents in the Yarra Valley, Greg and Michelle couldn't help taking a little side trip. "What a combination, great wines and beautiful countryside, just perfect". Michelle agreed!

Talk about coincidences. This photo is with Patty Taylor, Patty worked in my office some 26 years ago. Patty and her daughter Danielle Skerman launched an amazing magazine

Travelling through to Victoria "The response I am getting is fantastic" Greg said. " All agents see the real benefits of having a specialised web site for horse properties".

Greg and Michelle actually got the chance to go to Equitana. "Well what can we say, it was amazing and the plan is to have a stand there next year, even if you are not into horses I would recommend coming to this event and if you are don't miss it"!

Over the next few months there are some exciting changes in the wind for Our fantastic team are making some pretty special improvements and as the largest horse property website in the Southern Hemisphere, we have to make sure we stay ahead of the herd.

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