The white pots are about half a litre and the blue about one and a half litres
The scoops are quite tiny

I will throw this one open but here is the daily regime:

Large 16h ex racehorse
2 white cups of maxisoy (soaked in 3 litres of water)
3 white cups of gumnuts
1 scoop of equilibrium
1 scoop rosehips
1 scoop dolomite
3 blue pots of chaff
Mix well


2/3 scoop of Founderguard
half a scoop of dolomite
half a scoop of ‘polished’
¾ blue pot of chaff
put some water in and mix well….

Now, call me ‘old-fashioned’ but couldn’t we do this every second day with a biscuit of Lucerne Hay in between days – maybe half a one for donkey?

I’d really like some opinions on this one, keeping in mind they are in northern NSW and the feed in the paddock looks ‘ok’ but obviously not fantastic, although this is dairy country so there must be some nutrition there.
What are your thoughts?

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