With Christmas and School Holidays fast approaching, you may be wondering what you can do to get out of the house, maybe wear the kids out or what to do with your Horse over the summer period.

Don’t sweat it too much; we at Horse Property are happy to bring you some super fun ideas to help you celebrate the Christmas Holidays with your Horse. 

Christmas photoshoot with your Horse

Do a dress-up photoshoot, Christmas theme, invite your friends if you so wish, dress your Horse up too, and just have fun with it; the resulting photos will last a lifetime. Personalised Christmas card, anyone?

 christmas shoot

Christmas party with your Horse at the swimming hole

Find a creek, billabong, swimming hole if you don’t know of one already, organise a Christmas party with all your horsey friends or a Christmas party for your Equestrian Centre, agistment clients or Pony Club and celebrate away. Important things to remember are:
• Are you able to camp there?
• Can you light a fire?
• Do you need a permit?
• Is there somewhere safe to hold your horses overnight?
Remember to have a great time and do so safely.

 water hole

Christmas in the Stable/barn.

Sprucing up your Christmas and involving your Horse has never been easier. With access to so many stores like Price Busters, it is price effective to grab a trolley load of decorations to not only decorate your house but also to celebrate Christmas in your stable/barn.
Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to decorating your horses’ abode.
• Lighting
• Wreaths
• Tinsel
• Stockings
• Christmas Tree
• Horse treats for tree decorations.
Take into consideration the level of risk when utilising extra lighting in and around your stable/barn area to reduce the risk of starting a fire.
Make sure that decorations are out of the reach of hungry, bored mouths, and don’t introduce any strange plants where a horse can eat them and potentially get colic or worse.

 stables christmas

Cowboy Racing Christmas breakup

Cowboy racing, or extreme cowboy racing, is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Orangising a Cowboy racing Christmas breakup is a very social idea, allowing everyone to mingle, do something they enjoy, spend time with their horses and get into the spirit of Christmas with the holiday theme. Your only limit is your imagination.

 cow boy riding

Secret Santa for your Horse

If you own or are involved in a business where you hire employees, another great idea is to hold a secret Santa for your horses. Everyone gets to pick a name out of a hat for horses that reside in the stable, and they each get to buy the Horse a little gift—something different, heart filling, a unique way to celebrate Christmas with your horse/s.

Teach yourself and your Horse a new trick

Teach yourself and your Horse, a new trick, then dress up in the spirit of Christmas and video yourself carrying out the new trick. There are thousands of articles and videos on youtube to show you how to learn and teach your Horse.

 horse dressed up

Early Christmas present for you and your Horse

Have you been thinking about trying something new, like a different discipline?

Why not shout yourself and add to your Santa wish list a seat at a Clinic or training day at your local club. It is a great way to meet new people, and you may find the discipline you are most passionate about in the process.

Make some Holiday treats for your Horse to brighten their day as well.

  1. Peppermint-Stick Bran Mash
  2. Steamed Apple Pudding
  3. Christmas Cake

Whatever it is that you choose to do over the Christmas Holidays with your Horse, be safe and have fun. We hope that our list of ideas has given you some inspiration for an enjoyable Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Team at Horse Property.