Stage the property

Staging the property is the first and most crucial factor as it directly affects other areas when selling, such as photography, video and marketing. Prepare the property professionally for the market, including staging the house and horse facilities. Staging the property includes repairs, decluttering, depersonalising the property and professional cleaning.


Images of the property are one of the first things buyers will see when searching online. Ensure to get professional photos to take buyers on an imagery journey of the horse property and its features. Properties that utilise professional well thought images perform better with views from buyers and enquiries.

Best to show horse features and land first, followed by the house. Showing horse features first is the number one request from buyers as this is the main focus of their search and purchase. Focus on selling the lifestyle.


You know the old saying "Content is King" well, within that content, video is number one. Video is a fantastic way to showcase the property beyond what images can. A property video will allow potential buyers to connect with the property before inspecting the property. Video can also help buyers further understand the full potential of the property. 


When writing the copy, you should almost be telling a well-written story describing the property. A well-written copy will easily retain and add further interest to a potential buyer. Interested buyers will read everything on the page. Buyers want to find out more about the property. The more you put in the text, the more engaged the buyers. 


Selling a horse property requires an agent who has experience selling these properties or has the knowledge to market a horse property. Horse property is not your typical property and will need more attention when marketing to reach the right buyer. Ensure your listing is advertised on real estate sites that cater to horse and lifestyle properties.

An optimised property as a Premium listing on can produce thousands of buyer views in the first 24 to 48 hours and can generate 3x more enquiries from qualified buyers.

If you have further questions about marketing a horse property, contact your preferred agent today or We are happy to answer your questions.